All about rowing with the Fremantle Rowing Club. The pics below show some of the different crews competing in a Head Race on the Canning River. Once a rower has improved their skills and techniques, as well as fitness, these are the types of races to compete in.

For new rowers, it all starts with the Learn-to-Row session usually held a month before Member Registrations in March. This is an intensive month of training and introduction to the sport of rowing. At the end of the session, rowers with promise are encouraged to join the club at either of two levels, Social or Competitive.

The club encourages new members to continue at the Social Rowing level for at least one season of rowing and then go onto Competitive rowing. Social Rowers will have the benefit of coaching from experienced rowers and club coaches.

For the rowers who show exceptional skill and promise during the LTR, coaches will put them into crews if at all possible, and have them competing when the regatta season starts.

making the bend Canning River

FRC women's crew coming home

FRC men's 8 at Chidley's Point 2009 LDR