At Fremantle Rowing Club, we have a pyramid system which caters for everyone and encourages rowing at every level. 

  • Senior and High Performance Rowers (Open Category competitive rowing)

  • Masters (27 years of age and older)

  • Juniors (Under 17 years of age)

  • Beginners (Novices learning to row)

  • Social Rowers (Non-competitive rowing).

For new rowers it starts with a Learn to Row Program which is usually held in February or March prior to the commencement of the regatta season.

For more information on the current Learn to Row, please contact Fremantle Rowing Club  or see our Events Page.

After completing a Learn to Row, rowers are encouraged to continue at the social rowing level for at least one season of rowing and then go onto competitive rowing. For rowers who have picked up the skills quickly and have the required level of fitness, coaches will put them into crews if at all possible, and have them competing when the regatta season starts.

For experienced rowers, please contact Fremantle Rowing Club so we can find a squad to suit you!

Throughout the Rowing WA regatta season there are many types of races including the Head Race Series, Big Boat Sprints, pennant regattas, Masters regattas and All Schools. Below are some photos of crews competing in a Head Race at Canning River.


making the bend Canning River