The Club

About the Club

Fremantle Rowing Club was established in 1886 and is the third oldest rowing club in Western Australia.
Our focus is on developing athletes, and allowing them to achieve their own personal excellence. We support all athletes with high quality coaching, equipment, and structures.

We have an athlete driven philosophy, where we support athletes to become self driven, and accountable.

We also believe rowing is for life and is a tool that can be used to develop the skills necessary to be successful in all elements of life.

Lastly the Club values being a part of the community, and supporting our community on a personal, local, and state wide manner.

Club Motto & Values

The Club’s motto is “Pull Together” and represents the community aspect of the Club, and the way we work together as equals.
The Club Values are:
– Athlete Accountability
– Input = Output
– Follow the Structure, Trust the Process
– Professionalism

Club Colours

Our club colours are Cambridge Blue and White.
The Cambridge Blue is more of green colour and is the colour used in this website. Cambridge Blue is still used by Cambridge University Boat Club to this day, primarily seen in the annual ‘Boat Race’ against Oxford University.
The rivalry of these two colours lives on today in Western Australia, with Fremantle Rowing Club and Swan River Rowing Club using the Cambridge and Oxford blues respectively.
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