Team App

Team App

The club sends all official internal communications through a web and app based program called TeamApp. Primarily it is used to deliver messages relating to regatta information and documents, general and special meeting information, events, and general communication about club issues (such as building works).


It also has a chat function which allows coaches communicate with athletes as well as members of the same group to communicate with each other. We require all members of the club to be on TeamApp. 

How to get on the app

To join Fremantle Rowing Club on TeamApp, please go to the website or download the app from the Apple store or Playstore.
Once you have created an account with TeamApp, you can search for the club by searching for “FRC” and clicking on the square with our logo. Once you have done this you can request to be a member of groups relevant to you, per the below.

Which group/s do I join

To make sure you only receive messages that are relevant to you we have broken the club down into groups. This means if there is a seniors regatta, and you are a junior, you will not receive messages about that regatta.

Please sign up to All Members group, as well as any additional relevant groups, from the following list:
Competitive Senior – Join either Senior Male or Female
Junior Rowers – Join either Junior Boy (athlete) or Junior Girl (athlete) 
Junior Parents – Join either Junior Boy (Parent) or Junior Girl (Parent) depending which squad your child is in. As a parent you will automatically be signed up to the relevant junior rowers group.
Masters – Join the Masters group
Social Rowers – Join the Social group
Newsletter – there is also a Newsletter group, where you can stay in touch with FRC, this group will only receive information on things such as quiz nights and exciting news such as state team selection
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